Welcome adventurer!

Thank you for visiting our online store, where you can support us by purchasing various cosmetic upgrades that will be visible to all players playing our modpacks or using one of our mods. The income received from cosmetics purchased through the store will go towards allowing us to continue the ongoing development of Valhelsia projects, and we greatly appreciate the support received.

For the initial launch of the Valhelsia store we have a variety of different Valhelsia Capes and cosmetics available for purchase. The selection of cosmetics available will be added to gradually. You can find them in the "Cosmestics" category in the left navigation bar. 

Once purchased, cosmetics can be enabled through the Skin Customisation menu in-game, where you can choose which ones you want to make visible. If you can't see the cosmetics, please ensure you're running the newest version of Valhelsia Core, and feel free to contact us if there are any issues. Nothing sold on the store offers any in-game advantage - it's intended as recognition for those who have supported us.

Payments are processed through our secure payment partner, Tebex Checkout. We do not store your banking information. All purchases made are expected to be received in-game instantly. For more information, please see the Terms and Privacy links at the bottom of the page.